Why is SMC the optimal choice for me?

SMC delivers internationally recognized business education that combines academic rigor with practical application, in a format that fits your busy, modern life.

SMC offers a blend of mandatory live video class time, virtual team work and self-study. In doing so, it strives to provide a mix of flexibility and customization on the one hand, and a more traditional class experience on the other. The result is a cohort of students that experience a sense of community regardless of their physical location.

Education at SMC comes with highest quality academic content, live online lectures, a state-of-the-art learning management system, and all the convenience, personalization and individual development a student in the 21st Century should expect. Rather than settling on becoming yet another provider of online education, SMC strives to be a global digital campus where students, educators, the business community and life-long learners can collaborate to exchange and grow ideas.

The programs have been developed to be current, market-oriented and internationally applicable.  Focus was given in equal measure to meeting high academic standards, while at the same time ensuring the relevance of all skills and competencies taught. In doing so, Neos is aligned with the educational objectives of its host country Malta, and the EU in general

SMC caters to the working professional whose busy schedule requires a program that is flexible enough to allow for a sensible work-life balance. SMC accepts students from around the globe whose access to higher education may be limited at home.  SMC provides higher education for those who wish to get ahead in their current job, those about to enter the job market for the first time, or those who seek to redefine themselves.  SMC welcomes all life-long learners.

Why Distance Education?

Learning habits have changed.  With ever faster turn-over in companies and increasing global competition in the market place, as well as ever-changing technology and work-styles, people must become life-long learners. Juggling their many responsibilities, however, working professionals demand quality education that is delivered in a convenient, mobile and flexible manner.

Reasons to study at SMC

You will join an online community of students from around the globe with whom you will interact on a regular basis by means of live online lectures, virtual team assignments, message boards etc.

SMC follows a cohort system, allowing for close interaction with your peers from around the globe.

Maintaining an agile study environment, we offer multiple entry points throughout the academic year.

SMC is a place to exchange and grow knowledge. We strive to constantly facilitate the sharing of ideas between students, faculty, the business community and the public in general, through a variety of online events and educational services.  Knowledge sharing and collaboration is front and center to the educational experience at SMC.

SMC online collaborative learning environment promotes peer-to-peer learning and self-study in a media-rich environment. Courses offer a diverse blend of live/synchronous activities, recorded presentations, video cases, online or offline exercises etc.  Any one class may require class discussions and student presentations, self-study exercises, mentor-supervised written assignments, collaborative group projects, live role-playing, etc.

SMC employs a wide range of tools and techniques for assessment. This ensure that ethical standards are met and that the different study habits and strengths of our students are reflected.  Assessments include: homework assignments, timed online quizzes and exams, live presentations, oral defenses of papers submitted, peer and self-assessment, graded discussions, etc.  The use of tools such as Turnit-in ensure compliance to ethical practices for written work.

SMC also offers the freedom to focus course work on applied topics that are relevant to the students’ lives (e.g. when writing the Thesis or Dissertation).  In doing so, the student can provide value to their employer, furthering their career even while they are studying.

SMC faculty is recruited worldwide ensuring a global perspective.  Only those instructors who have a proven track record in higher education and possess the appropriate degree for the level they are teaching will be considered for hiring. Not only do all SMC instructors have solid academic credentials, they also possess professional market experience.  As a result, many of the cases discussed  in class are real-life examples taken from their practice.

Earning a degree online does not eliminate the need for academic assistance. In fact, in most cases it increases the need for those services.

Upon admissions to SMC, students are assigned an advisor who will guide them through their studies from admissions to graduation.  The advisor ensures that students know what is expected of them and that their path towards graduation remains clear and on target.

Online classes are small, allowing for high levels of interaction between students and instructors.  Because of this, instructors can focus on the needs of individual students.

Upon successful completion of their course work, SMC students receive a fully-accredited European degree (bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate).  The NCFHE accreditation (a member of ENQA – European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education and enic-naric) of the Ministry of Education in Malta, ensures that credits are transferable to other universities, degrees are internationally recognized, and career options are enhanced.


Institutional accreditation is vital to all universities, be they online or brick-and-mortar.  They ensure quality assurance and credit transfer,  SMC Education Group prides itself in being the first true online institute of higher learning to have achieved NCFHE accreditation of the Ministry of Education based in Malta.  It is currently licensed to operate as a Higher Education Institution at level:  7/graduate.

As an EU member state, Malta’s accreditation process is aligned with European standards and accredited degrees are recognized throughout Europe and the world at large.

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